Photo by Joe Sinnott



SleepCrime is a rock band from Queens, NY. They tune down. WAY DOWN.

Photo by Joe Sinnott

Photo by Joe Sinnott

From L to R:
Lead Guitar / Andy Marino
Drums, Vocals / Lauren O'Reilly
Vocals, Guitar / Michele Lombardo
Bass, Vocals / Matt Lambert


SleepCrime fuses potent melodies with downtuned riffs inspired by classic heavy metal and the ramshackle spirit of grungy, hard-driving rock. The band formed in Astoria, New York at the end of 2008 and has spent the last few years honing its live act in the far-flung dives of North America.





Everything Secret Degenerates

by SleepCrime

SleepCrime’s debut album Everything Secret Degenerates is the nine-song result of months spent recording in Lauren’s Astoria bedroom. The album's title is taken from a declassified FBI file documenting the use of murderers as informants.

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